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Amy and Sonic: ~Sleeping by Julchen-san Amy and Sonic: ~Sleeping :iconjulchen-san:Julchen-san 20 11 Dream: -Watermark by Julchen-san Dream: -Watermark :iconjulchen-san:Julchen-san 5 1 Chibi Dream: ~Can I get some Points  :3? by Julchen-san Chibi Dream: ~Can I get some Points :3? :iconjulchen-san:Julchen-san 15 15
Just One More
Just One more
Just a cut.
Just a scratch.

"What's that mark.?"
"It was the cat."
Just an excuse.
Just another lie.

"What's with all the bracelets.?"
"Just fashion, why.?"
Just a tear.
Just a scream.

"Why were you crying.?"
"Just a bad dream."
-But it's not just a cut, or a tear, or a lie. It's always 'just one more' until you die
:iconjulchen-san:Julchen-san 248 117
.:Gift:. Jessica and Dream by Julchen-san .:Gift:. Jessica and Dream :iconjulchen-san:Julchen-san 12 168 .:Lineart:. Sonic and Amy -Read Description- by Julchen-san .:Lineart:. Sonic and Amy -Read Description- :iconjulchen-san:Julchen-san 36 23 Chibi Dream~ Some Points... by Julchen-san Chibi Dream~ Some Points... :iconjulchen-san:Julchen-san 11 8 .:Art-Trade:. Amy Rose: Say Please... by Julchen-san .:Art-Trade:. Amy Rose: Say Please... :iconjulchen-san:Julchen-san 42 50 Gift: Chibi Dayana ~ Merry Christmas by Julchen-san Gift: Chibi Dayana ~ Merry Christmas :iconjulchen-san:Julchen-san 7 90 Thanks~ Dream Tard by Julchen-san Thanks~ Dream Tard :iconjulchen-san:Julchen-san 36 23 After 11 years... by Julchen-san After 11 years... :iconjulchen-san:Julchen-san 46 437
Sonic Cloud-Capt Nightmare ~Chapter 1
It was the morning of September, the weather was very nice.
Everyone sleeps kin-
BEEP ... BEEP ... BEEP ... BEEP.... BE~
Sonic beat the clock with his hand, he took the blanket and pulled it over his head and went back to sleep.
"Sonic?" His little brother / best friend calls him, but got no answer.. "'Sigh' SONIC WAKE UP!" Shouted the 15-year-old boy fox, his name is Tails.
Tails wear white sneakers, blue jeans and brown t-shirt on it had a huge peace sign.
"Ughh .... What Time is it Tails, "said the blue hedgehog, who is 19 years old and has grown, his skin has become darker and now had multiple stings.
Tails looked at his watch and said simultaneously, "We have until 5:36 am" Sonic groaned "Why so early?"
"Because our aircraft comes early to Japan.""Could we not take late plane?" Tails was now a bit angry and said, "No! Because our flight is 14 hours and you know how long it takes? ALSO STAND UP AND MOVE YOUR SORRY ASS.""Okay, okay ... jezz...“
Sonic got up and went into the b
:iconjulchen-san:Julchen-san 27 49
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Got tagged, twice

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 2, 2014, 8:50 AM

Long time no see, well how you know,   or not , I am busy with school and stressed, that is Un-awesome and have not much time ;-;
Anyways, how you see, I got tagged twice, awesome, huh?
Yeah, I know! Okay, here we go!
First the Un-Awesome Rules!!
-You must post the rules. (The Awesome me is already doing it!)
-Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal. (Sure~!)
-Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create ten (10) new questions for the people you tag to answer.  
-You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.  
-Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them. 
-No tag backs. 
-No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this" You legitimately have to tag 10 people.
About  the Awesome me!!
1) I hate going shopping.
2) I like Sport
3) I can sing.
4) My Cheeks are soft
5) I am sometimes lazy, then it seems be like.
6) I am getting nervous, when I talk.
7) I worry to much.
8) I am optimist
9) I wear glasses
10) I hate dress
1st tag by my Awesome, Nee-chan :icondija9:Dija9
1. Do you have a pet~? :3 If yes, describe it for me, if not, please tell me what would you like to have~
Yes, I had an Awesome pet ;-; In my and my families garden, but they sold her ;-; She was a cat, had black fur and on her belly side, white~ :3

2. How does your ordinary day goes like~? :3
Ah, with school:
-Waking up, getting ready, walk to school, getting bored, walk back after school out, eating, doing hmework and on the same time beeing online in Internet

Without school:
-Waking up at 11 am -  1pm, be online, watching Tv, visitng my little cousin, come back and do nothing.

3. Awesome anime, that you suggest to watch~? :3
Also Toradora ^-^
4. Do you want to meet up in real life with someone from dA~? x3
Yush! Many People :la:
Like My Awesome Friends! :dummy:
What? =3= Sorry, but the Awesome has no crush since the 4th class x'D
So, I am heartless, doesn't have a crush.. I am to Awesome for it!

2nd tag by :iconratlittle1:Ratlittle1
1. What are you afraid of? (Can be more than one thing of course) 
I am afraid of many stuff, but mostly from spiders - they are not Awesome. 

2. If you could be any animal which one would you be? (Could be one that isn't even real) 
I would be a cat, because they are Awesome  and very clean ^-^ 

3. If you could have any superpower or "ability" what would you have and why? 
Hmm... I would like to have, travell back to the past and change my mistakes or read minds, to help people
4. If you were thrown into a kill or be killed situation with no way to get out of it what would you do? 
Uhm... I dunno? 

5. Have you ever experienced anything supernatural, seem anything odd at all? (Ghosts, spirits, a strange presence, felt something that wasn't there, heard anything you couldn't explain?) If you haven't experienced anything do you believe in that kind of stuff? 
Well, yes I belive on them, we can't see them but they are there. I sometimes hear, sounds,so yeah *shrugs*

Now my Awesome Questions, to the Aesome people - but not as Awesome as me! -  
1. What is important for you?
2.What is you holding back?
3. Time or Money? Why?
4. Would you breake the law to save someone, that you really like?
5. Do you hold something, that you should let go?
6. You have the chance to say something infront of a crowd, what would you say?
7. What would you change on yourself, when no one judges you?
8. Who would you choose your parents or your lovelife?
9.  What are you mostly proud at?
10. Are you working hard?

The Victims!
1. :iconmikides: mikides 
2. :iconspd243: spd243
3. :iconaustrianexttopkiller: AustriaNextTopKiller
4. :iconarakochiku: Arakochiku
5. :icondija9: Dija9The Awesome me is tagging you from 2nd tag side!)
6. :iconkenothewolf: KenotheWolf
7. :iconayoniku: Ayoniku
8. :iconsuffering23: suffering23
9. :iconhetalia-azerbaijan: Hetalia-Azerbaijan
10. :iconask2p-romano: Ask2p-Romano

  • Listening to: Two worlds
  • Eating: Noodles with Tomato sauce
  • Drinking: Water


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